Spammers are evil

I am most unhappy.  Someone has started using my domains as “from” addresses on spam.  As a result, my hosting ISP is being inundated with bounced spam that never came from me, but it’s all going into my inbox.  This makes me very annoyed.  So far, I’ve had to download and kill several thousand pieces of “spewback” and I’m probably missing legit mails in the process.  I’m trying to get the addresses blacklisted so only legit mails to me get through, but it hasn’t happened yet.  So, if you send mail and I don’t reply, it may just be that you got lost in the flood of crap.

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  1. ElaineG says:

    I have the same problem. I get 600 emails a day now. 90 percent are crap. I have three filters and it still gets through. I’ve recently read about tools you can add to email that filter better but have yet to jump in. Currently, my filters remove about 95 percent of the junk mail so I only need to manually remove 10-20 emails per day. It’s a hazard of being on the web. I even posted a little pop-up box about it on my home page.

    Thoughts of registering mass e-mailers comes to mind, sort of like bulk mail where you register and get a permit. Sad though. The wild west gets less and less wild every day.

  2. I filter the usual mail and the spam filtration system is pretty good usually–about 100 a day on an average day actually make it through the initial filter, but most of those get caught in the mail reader’s filters and put in the “junk” box for me to review in case something legit got culled–which happens less than 1% of the time. I send something like a dozen spams into the junk box by hand every day–no big deal. I figure–like you do–that it’s the cost of having a presence on the web.

    But this situation with the spammer who’s using my domain name as his “from” is making me crazy. Not only do I get a ton of returned mail, but it makes my domain unattractive to other ISPs and domains if I want to send legit mail to users. They should be checking the ACTUALL origin and path of the sender, not the “from,” they’d be returning and blocking the right person, but they’re not doing that. They’re just bouncing off the domain name. Right now, the rate is up to 3,000 an hour. This is totally nuts!

  3. Jackie says:

    Spam? Spam and eggs? Ack. Poor you! I hope the situation gets resolved soon. (And take some cheer with the knowledge that there’s a special level of hell for spammers.)

  4. Green eggs and spam.

  5. tobias says:

    It’s called Joe-Jobbing, I got hit with 20,000 emails during Worldcon last year, I had to shut down my mail server for 48 hours to rebounce all incoming email back out, it trickled down to ~500/day after that and less as my email app filters caught up.

    Now I use Yeah I have to pay $19/month, but they do a hell of a job and the second time it happened they took the hit, which was worth it to me.

  6. Sounds like it would be worth it, indeed. I’ll look into it. Even after blacklisting most of the e-ddresses, I’m still getting the spewback at several hundred a day. The filters in my e-mail app are cutting that out pretty easily, but not completely.

    I’ m going to have to change my e-mail contact protocol. Until now I’ve been using the simple HTML mailto tag, but I’ll be moving into some kind of cgi script, I think, and hope to cut the crap a lot further.

  7. Michael Ehart says:

    So I should stop doing that? I thought you’d like the extra attention! 🙂

    *spammers suck*

  8. You naughty thing, you, Michael.

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