Another fabulous author night

Hehehe…. Charlaine Harris makes me laugh–and a roomful of fans too. Yet another example of a writer who gives great public appearances. Really charming, funny, and gracious and makes you feel like she’s really happy you came to see her speak. I continue to feel daunted by the fabulosity of other writers I meet and am sure I’ll never hold an audience the way Charlaine can. Oh, she is lovely! (Did I mention that I adore Charlaine?)

Richelle Mead was also in the back with me and Jim (and Diane and her sweetie) and noted that anyone could tell we weren’t the one’s signing since we weren’t wearing authorial black. Charlaine wasn’t either, but I can’t imagine her without a happy color on. It does, however, undermine my theory about Authors Wearing Black, upon which I shall expound at a later date, since I now need to go harass the ferrets. Stay tuned….


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