Up to no good

I’ve now got two items on the publicity schedule for Poltergeist, a panel discussion about paranormal elements in mysteries at PNWA and a reading and signing at U-Books. Still not a complete schedule, but I’ll update the Appearances page as more comes in.

And Steve found the Romanian contracts lurking in a pile of queries–darn those big manila envelopes: they all look alike–but they have been unearthed and sent on their merry way Romania-ward. And more strange things are stirring… but no idea if they will develop into anything. I got some interesting ideas for Underground City out of reading a book on Seattle architecture after the Great Fire of 1889 and some books on Native American legends and myths of the region.

Tomorrow we are taking Taz and Dex to the vet for various ferret maintenance and follow up on the recent mystery illness. Everyone’s acting fine so, except for Dexter’s Lupron shot, it’s just a check-up. Luckily, they don’t mind the trip too much, especially since the hubby will be along for the ride this time and they can always sucker him into extra snacks in compensation for their ordeal (the con artists.) Borrowing the Flexcar for a full day is going to be pricey, but we have way too much to do and it’s a 2 hour trip each way by bus to go to the Eastside Avian and Exotic Animal Medical Center. Only 30-40 by car.

We used to take the fur-snakes to the Bird and Exotic Clinic that was formerly right up the street, then moved to Fremont–a couple of miles away. It’s also a terrific clinic and they have a fabulous vet surgeon, but we wanted to keep the records continuous with the same vet not just the clinic and it was Dr. Kamaka who was moving to the Eastside. It’s kind of ironic that when we moved up here, the only ferret vet we were hearing about was on the Eastside, then we found a great one right up the street just a few years later and now… she’s on the Eastside (also known as the “uncool part of Seattle“.) But still worth the drive, however unhip.

But, hey, maybe my strange research-luck will spill over. Maybe tomorrow’s trip will turn out to have unexpected bits of cool information…. Anything could happen! After all, I wasn’t expecting to find a plot solution in an architecture text and Steve didn’t expect to find Romania pretending to be a query letter.


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