Bye-bye blue

Alas, the blue hair is no more. Something weird was happening and the color was starting to bleed upward–it’s not supposed to do that–and the length had gained that fateful micron or two that allowed it to get caught in embarrassing places, like snagged on my own belt and… well…. I didn’t want the hair to go there, let’s not go there either.

So, I had to cut it off and I now have the shortest hair I’ve had in more than 3 years. Still below my shoulders, but not below the shoulder blades. It feels very… weird. Every time I sit down, I still have to get it out from behind my shoulders, but it runs out of my hands too soon and it weighs too little. Still looks the same from the front though.


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4 Responses to Bye-bye blue

  1. Aww…

    I’ve not had hair that short in so long!

    I keep saying that I should cut my hair short, but I’ve not been able to do it.

  2. I have to admit, it’s a LOT shorter than I wanted. I’m not pleased and I think it’s now that stupid length that is neither one thing nor the other, but… hell… it’ll grow back. Eventually.

  3. Elaine says:

    What? No photo?

  4. It doesn’t look very different from the blue photo. Just put your hand over the blue bit and there y’go! 😉

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