Space Virus!

I’m pleased to be able to say that Taz does not have insulinoma or some other weird life-threatening disease. He does, however, have some kind of cold/flu resulting in a “fever of unknown origin”. This does not make Taz happy at all since not only does he feel utterly crappy, but he now gets to take Clavamox twice a day and eat “soup” (a nasty mixture of dried chicken liver and kelp whipped up in warm water) until he regains the weight he lost (.22 kg, which is a lot for a critter with a fast metabolism who usually weighs just over one kilogram.)

Poor Taz suffered some major indignities to reach this diagnosis and therapy regimen, such as having his temperature taken (guess where) and getting 50cc of sub-cutaneous fluids to combat his “I feel sick” dehydration–he looked like Quasimodo ferret for a while, but he had his revenge by “venting” all sorts of other fluids and so forth onto the vet and me. Apparently part of his desire to hide in dark, warm places was motivated by a killer dehydration migraine. He’s feeling a little perkier now, but he’ll hate me again by midnight when he gets his next dose of antibiotics.

But I can live with that. I love my foo. Though now, I’m feeling a bit stuffy and itchy throated myself. Perhaps Taz has given me his cold….


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