Worry, worry….

Kind of worried about Taz the ferret today.taz as a baby He’s been shivering and acting a little confused lately. Today he’s dragging his back feet a little. We have an appointment with Dr. Kamaka–the ferret vet–tomorrow, but I’m more than half expecting a diagnosis of insulinoma. He’s got the classic symptoms. Poor foo. I feel horrible, like it’s my fault he’s sick and I know it isn’t. I’m such a big baby about my pets.


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  1. EelKat says:


    he’s so cute! hope he gets better soon.

    check it ingrediants of his food– stop feeding any that contain wheat gluten, rice gluten, or corn gluten… the pet fod recall now includes all three in both can and dry food as well as most snacks and treats, and there are suspicions of other pet foods (non cat and non dog) as well.

  2. Yeah, he’s doing better, though still a bit underweight–he’s always had a tendency to be skinny in the spring which I’m fighting with extra caloric supplements like NutriMalt and Duck Soup.

    We feed Eukanuba exclusively and we don’t give any of our pets the affected products–never have, I’m pleased to say. I’ve never been a fan of foods that had a lot of processed ingredients and since the ferrets are very sensitive and the cat is pretty elderly, I made an effort to find food for them that was as low in processed or potentially unstable products and digests as possible. Corn grits and ground rice are as processed as we get. We don’t do digest anything and we don’t do gluten–at least not for the pets. The people… now, we’ll eat anything.

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