Where’s my bed…?

Blargh… so tired….

Norwescon was mostly fun–I don’t seem to have the same kind of fun or memorable moments that my buddies have, but at least I come out of the whole thing exhausted…. And Beth Meacham told me to “stop being so damned self-effacing.” hehe. I have ascended to the height of being told off by a major editor for being a whinge about the success of the book. Indeed it must be doing well, since not only did Beth say so, but the book sold out at the con (5 lucky people got first editions while the other 8 had to make due with third prints), and I actually had a mostly-full room for my reading from Poltergeist.

I generally feel like a giganti-fraud when sitting on panels–who the hell am I to pontificate on writing and genre?–but the panels were pretty good, over all and I got to be with a bunch of cool writers. Caitlin and I did a flash-fiction jam with Jay Lake and Lisa Mantchev (Lisa forgot her Hawaiian shirt, thus undoing my plans for all of us to be Jay), which I suspect will come back to haunt me, someday. Though… I don’t think “eructate” is that obscure a word….

Meanwhile, back on the dog…. Hooked up with many friends from last year with much pleasure on all sides. There is truly a great writing community up here in the PNW and a lot of visiting cool-folk were in town, too. I even sat in for Joshua Palmatier when his flight got moved up (miracle of miracles!) so he had to bolt for the airport. Luckily it was just across the street.

alas, I’m too tired to make much more sense of the long, insane weekend that was right now, so I’ll have to write it up later. If I can find the time. I’m currently at 3500 words on Underground City and I’m trying not to let myself off the hook any longer than necessary. I really want to get this one done and out of the way–it’s kind of scary, since this is the first book I’ve started writing without most of the research complete and without a significant outline. I’m flying by the seat of my pants on this one and I’m not liking the sensation much….

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  1. MichaelEhart says:

    This was my favorite con so far this month 🙂 I had soooo much fun, even though Shazd and I felt like old fogeys and rubber-legged off to bed before 2AM each night. Well, 3AM.

    With 17 panels and events, I didn’t even have time to consume the mass quantities of New York Publishing House paid-for beer I had intended— I know you were equally busy.

    Thanks again for bailing me out on the Women in Fantasy panel— but naturellement, you, being a fantastic woman yourself, were incredible.

  2. I do try to be helpful….

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