An Evening with Jim Butcher

(and another evening….)

So. Through the intervention of my lovely friend Richelle Mead, to whom I owe increasing amounts of writer Karma happiness, I got to make the acquaintance of Jim Butcher. Yes, the Jim Butcher of Dresden Files and Codex Alera fame. Richelle had the big brass ones to send him a note and ask if he was available for dinner or something and since he had blurbed her book, he remembered her and said yes, he was available.

So we (Richelle and Caitlin and I) dragged him around downtown and Pioneer Square last night and went to cheer him on at his signing at the University Bookstore this evening. I’m afraid I got us into horrible restaurants and boring tourist destinations, but everyone was very nice about my left-footedness. We even prodded him through the Underground Tour–which is amusing since he mentioned later he was doing something connected to the old Kolchak: the Nightstalker series and the very first episode, The Night Strangler, was partially filmed and takes place in parts of the underground we walked through, though the tour guide–silly man–forgot to mention it. But I know! And I forgot to tell Jim. (Bad Kat.)

I know I always say everyone is charming a good looking but it’s true! Butcher’s a great guest, a charming and funny personality, not at all hard on the eyes, a fun speaker, and a fabulous example of how authors ought to behave to their fans. Darn him. I wish I could say something bad about him, just because I feel I ought to be envious of his success. But I can’t. He’s way too nice (and he looks a bit like Quinton, which is quite fine by me.)

Anyhow, it was a very pleasant time, even though I and the Grrly Urban Fantasy Posse had to bail early tonight–Richelle and I will be back at U-Books tomorrow for the pre-Norwescon mass signing and there’s a lot to do between now and 7 p.m. Wednesday. Besides, we figured Jim needed to get some writing time and some sleep in, since we deprived him of it last night….

(And today, just to set the right tone after such a stellar evening yesterday, I dyed my hair blue. No, I’m not kidding.)


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  1. Grrly Urban Fantasy Posse?

    Are you sure you’re not cool? *ggg*

  2. Catilin already pwns “Hawt Urban Fantasy Women”.

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