Weasel Squad!

Apparently a crack Weasel Squad on Standby for Greek Mission may have made the tiny island of Lemnos safe for mankind–or not–but certainly unsafe for rampaging rabbits. Couldn’t find out if the German Weasels ever landed, though. Still, it’s amusing. See: ferret-relatives are good for farmers! Take that, California Agribusiness!

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5 Responses to Weasel Squad!

  1. Well, things could be worse.

  2. Worse for whom? I mean… we can’t let those Austrian weasels have all the fun! And what about the rabbits…?

  3. Pesty Rob says:

    the rabbits are evil! i dont trust the cuteness they give off, im scared that one day a rabbit will be the downfall of so many by jumping at and biting peoples necks…

    and yet no one will have a holy hand grenade of antioche (spelling?) to deal with the menace!

  4. “That rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide! It’s a killer! He’s got huge, sharp… er… He can leap about. Look at the bones! “

  5. Pesty Rob says:

    see! the rabbits are evil! 😦

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