Sprechen Sie “Vertrag”?

(Do you speak “contract”?)

The replacement copies of the German contracts arrived yesterday and went back out today. I was pleased to note that no changes were made to dates or details, so the translation is still on a 24-month deadline from August 31 2006. I breathe a sigh of relief and hope that the various postal services lying between here and Munich (and Zurich, where the German-language agent has his office) don’t have another fit of “vanishing letter” syndrome.

And there may be something stirring on the UK front, but it’s still a bit early to be counting chickens–or even eggs. I would like to get something going in that market, since I seem to have readers there who I know would like to get a copy with consistent spelling and punctuation (the only word I can spell the proper British way and get away with is “grey”, after all.) And I’d be completely giggly to see my book on general shelves when I finally manage to haul my butt to England next year (I hope.)

At the moment, however, I have the sort of progress-killing, railroad-spike-through-the-skull sort of headache that makes me want to go hide under the bunk. And considering that my bunk floats over 32 feet of brackish canal water….

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2 Responses to Sprechen Sie “Vertrag”?

  1. Hello, *waves from the UK* – timely post of yours as I just bought Greywalker today. In London. On an actual bookshelf. OK, so it’s the US edition with a British price sticker on it, but it was still nice to see it there! I’ve been hearing good things about your book, and related to a lot of what you said in an online interview. I’m looking forward to reading it! 🙂

  2. Cool. I hope you like it.

    Nothing new has developed with the UK nibble, so I’m still unsure about that. Have to keep on holding my breath, I guess.

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