Received an offer through my agent today for Romanian translation rights to Greywalker. Kind of odd, but I’m not stupid; I said “yes.” I’m perversely amused that various language rights requests come trickling in from unexpected places while we’re still unable to crack the UK. Still, with the Chinese version coming out soon, the Russian translation stating soon, the Germans are in the mix, too–even though they lost the contracts in the mail–things are moving along OK in foreign markets.

What next? Basque? I’ll probably fall over in a dead faint if we pick up French, UK, or Spanish rights. Oo… how ’bout Brazilian Portuguese? That would be cool. Though I admit, I’m holding out for Japanese. I was hoping to send Steve as my minion this year, but I’m not sure, now, that he’ll be going to Yokohama, after all. Phooey! (I want my JTV….)


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7 Responses to Romanian

  1. I’m moving the UK.

    I’ll start picketing in front of publisher offices.

    Maybe that’ll work? *g*

  2. Who knows? But I wouldn’t want you to become persona non grata with the publishers–then you wouldn’t get to read so many cool books!

  3. Awww… That’s how I know you’re the coolest, Kat!

  4. hehe… I have all the cool of a small griddle. I just fake it well.

  5. Shh… If you’re faking it, you’re not supposed to admit it to it. Trust me. I know from experience. 😉

  6. Ah, but in the UK we can read American – it’s really very similar to English.

    And I suspect big chains like Waterstones rather like the one dollar = one pound exchange rate they apply to imported books.

  7. Hmm… I wasn’t aware of that pricing policy. That certainly makes some things clear. But what it doesn’t explain is why a UK publisher wouldn’t want to undercut their American competition with a cheaper version that they get the profits on.

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