Chinese cometh

Hehe… I’m a big goofy thing, I know, but I’m all excited by the news that the Complex/Traditional Chinese translation of Greywalker is now done will be published this May. Spring International, the Taiwan-based publisher, will be doing new covers and they’ve asked me, through my Taiwan agent, Gray Tan, to write a special preface for the new edition to make it all spiffy and special. I’m all giggly about this, since the book will be out in time for my birthday and it’ll be my very first translation. I can hardly wait to see it!


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3 Responses to Chinese cometh

  1. Oooh!

    It’s a great coincidence, though, isn’t it? Gray Tan and Greywalker?

  2. I’m not sure it’s entirely a coincidence. Apparently, he had a good laugh about the title and claims it’s part of the reason he was interested in the book.

  3. Gray Tan says:

    Well, when I send the Chinese offer from Spring to Kat’s agent, the title line was “Gray’s Offer for Kat’s Walker.” Nice, eh?

    And it is entirely coincidence, or you can say fate (?) The pronunciation of Gray is close to my Chinese name, Guang-Lei.

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