You’re Out!

Amazon has run out of my book. Of course, they don’t tell people that, they just stop taking orders for new books with no explanation. But Greywalker is still available at Barnes & and, of course, at regular bookstores.

I wonder if this means the current printings are selling out. The first printing is pretty much gone–if you find one, you’re very lucky and the store is probably really small–and all I’ve seen for a while is third printings. I should ask my editor….

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Writer, editor, eccentric pain in the tail, bestselling author of the Greywalker novels.
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3 Responses to You’re Out!

  1. I hope Amazon gets their act together soon, but admit it…it would be kind of cool if there was a mad run on your books a la Cabbage Patch Kids in the 80s and old women starting beating each other up for copies in Borders…

    Ok. Sorry. That’s the lack of sleep talking.

  2. *laugh* it appears they got their act together a couple of hours after I embarrassed them in public. Funny, that….

  3. I note that “Greywalker,” which I finished reading last weekend, is listed as in stock at the Borders stores in Reno and Carson City, Nev. So if you need a copy and want to play slots, too, this is the place.

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