You guys probably already know how much I like weird words. Well… here’s someone who likes ’em even more than I do, I think. I present Arnzen’s Goreletter Dictionscary. I was just trying to find a reasonable definition of “squeg” and I not only found it here, I found another word I didn’t know. How cool is that? (Can you guess which other word I had never seen before?)

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2 Responses to DICTIONSCARY

  1. Mike Arnzen says:

    Let me guess… “serpiginous”? It’s probably the weirdest word so far. But “squeg” is, of course, the coolest.

    I was happy to find your website and thanks for this very kind post. Best wishes with Greywalker. I’ll seek it out next trip to the bookstore — it sounds really fun.

  2. On the money! I really liked your site, so how could I resist?

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