Post-stress Drip

The convention went pretty well, though I spent most of it in a state of emergency, chasing after stuff and putting out fires. Still, people enjoyed themselves and I made a lot of friends and had fun in between the dashes. Saturday I skipped out of the banquet at which my RAM-friend Donna Moore won an award for her humorous mystery Go to Helena Handbasket, but I got to see a great play and have a lovely dinner. Donna didn’t mind that I missed it, since she was surrounded by friends and well-wishers. She’s a very cool lady. And has great shoes.

But, alas, I was fighting off the cold my husband had and though I dodged the worst of it over the weekend, now that the pressure is off, I feel like crap. Hope to be feeling better by Friday when I may be going out to talk to a bunch of eigth-graders about writing as a career. Start ’em early, right?

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