Don’t Volunteer…

It’s gone! Hurray! I finally finished off the copyedit and front/back matter and stuffed it in a box and sent it to New York!

Now, if I can just get this stuff for Left Coast Crime coordinated and off my shoulders, I’ll be a happy camper.

Somewhere along the way, being competent and creative has become a burden and a liability. I’m on the regional MWA board and we’ve been coming up with things for folks to do at the convention next weekend. Silly holes and problems keep falling in our laps and being a lunatic, I tend to say whatever pops into my head. Like “let’s put little Edgar Allan Poes in the centerpieces–they have them at Archie McPhee!” So… off I went to buy 15 Poe Action Figures for cocktail party centerpieces. And that’s the easiest job of the lot. Now, if I can just figure out how to get centerpieces made and delivered to the convention site without something bizarre happening to them, find a meeting room for the Game party on Thursday, get games, find out about parking fees for the commuters, find a place for the MWA board meeting, figure out the ticketing issue for the tour on Friday… and polish off all the other plans I’m involved in as well as showing up for my own panel on Thursday and not killing any of my visiting friends and family while also house sitting my mom’s place across the Sound….

This would be easier if there were 15 of me, too.


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