Copyedit Ahoy!

I received the copyedits for Poltergeist today. They are due back by February 1. I usually dread copyedits because this is the stage where I feel the stupidest. I was never a good copyeditor myself–it’s a very specialized and demanding job for people with infinite patience and more than a touch of obsessive/compulsive behavior. You have to be a professional hair-splitter and nit-picker to be a good copyeditor and you have to have a thick enough skin not to give a hoot about people like me saying so.

By a strange coincidence, Richelle got some of her copyedits today, but where I have hard copies that must be marked and approved by hand, in colored pencil, she has electronic copies which must be “accepted” or “declined” in pixels and electrons. And returned on Monday. I’m SO glad I don’t do electronic-only submissions. Until today I thought it was a bit of a pain in the ass that I had to print and ship the “actuals.” But as of now, I’m feeling kind of cocky about my old-fashioned editor and her old-fashioned ways that allow me 10 days to do a job that my friend has to hustle through in 2–and it’s a weekend, to boot! (I’m so buying that girl drinks tomorrow night: all writers deserve drinks when they give up their fun on a weekend to screw themselves down to the bloody boring work of copyedits or proofs–this really stinks!)

Good thing I don’t have to do that. I’d have to say no, since I don’t see how I’d get through it all while trying to be charming to whoever turns up at Chapters tomorrow from 2-5 p.m. If you see a gorgeous redhead huddled in a corner over her laptop, muttering, that’ll be Richelle. I’ll be the ditzy blonde at a table somewhere. And somewhere a cool brunette will be rolling her eyes at both of us.


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