The continuing saga of holiday breakfasts

What is it about me and breakfast on a major holiday? On Thanksgiving, breakfast was several hours late because the water pump switch went out. Christmas day brekkie was beset with weird delays so that we didn’t get food into our bellys until after 1:30 p.m. Well, that’ll teach me to eat at Denny’s. Every time I eat in one, I swear I’ll never go back and then some weird generous impulse sends me back, thinking it can’t be that bad….

And it always is. Ninety-minute’s delay from sit-down to food arrival is just a bit much, even with a holiday rush and apparent staff breakdowns that saw the manager rolling up his sleeves and manning the grill. Next time, I’ll just stick to the oatmeal at home. I fear what may happen on Easter, since I’ll be at Norwescon at that time. With my luck, real aliens will descend to comandeer all the egg-substitute for use as fuel in their FTL drives….


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