Yes, it’s been very windy in Seattle and a lot of the outlying neighborhoods and cities in Western Washington lost power Thursday night due to the wind and rain. My neighborhood, did not. Quite unusually. Most of the time, my funky old part of the city loses power, phone, and cable at the drop of a hat. But we came through this just fine. The boat moved around a lot in the wind, but the marina is moderately protected by being, essentially, in the city and behind a hill that blocked the worst of the gale.

That’s not to say we didn’t get some serious rocking and rolling and lack of sleep from the shrieking wind that sounded like a train bearing down on us most of the night on Tuesday and Thursday, but we came through fine, still have power and sustained no damage.

The same cannot be said for quite a few other places and 4 people died tragically in the storm–three in cars hit by falling trees and one drowned in her basement office. Unfortunately, power continues to be out in most places and now more people are dying of monoxide poisoning using barbecues indoors for heat. Even some of the old gas heaters some people are dragging up aren’t meant for indoor use and I expect to hear of house fires, if this keeps up. Not the merriest of holidays for a lot of people this year.


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