Out the Door

I just finished printing and boxing the manuscript of POLTERGEIST for shipment to New York. At last! I can’t wait to drop it off and never see the thing again in this form. Its been a beast to get through. Usually I get 3 months for revisions. Due to timing issues, I got 9 weeks, but functionally I had 6. One false start wasted nearly two weeks of that with the original revision attempt followed by the frustrating act of undoing the parts that needed to be done differently without dumping the parts that could stay. But it’s done! and on schedule. So off it goes and sayonara. Now to read Pat Rothfuss’s book…

Right after I finish the brain-candy romance novel I picked up yesterday to rinse my brain with. Shouldn’ t take long to get through since even a good one is written at an eighth-grade reading level or less and not designed to tax the brain. Who wants romance in a book that’s as painful and fucked up as the kind you can get at home?


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