Funny sort of thanksgiving….

So far it’s been a bit odd. Started OK, though rainy, windy and cold. Had to wait in line for a shower, but that’s not surprising.

Got back from the shower to find Hubby washing dishes so I could cook breakfast. All good, but I notice the water pump is making a weird noise and I say it sounds like it might be going out (you can see it coming already, can’t you?) Dishes done, I start to work on breakfast, which begins with putting water in the kettle to make coffee.

No water. Water will not flow from the faucet and the pump is not kicking on. Uh-oh… Jim tries various things, wiggles in and out of the engine compartment of the boat, bangs on things, sucks on things (hey… not like that), takes things apart, tests thing, puts them back together, mucks about some more. The decides its a switch. He takes said switch apart, cleans it up, bangs on it, wiggles stuff around and puts it back together. Puts it back in the circuit and switches it on.

Water flows happily from the faucet

and the switch

all over the engine room.

Jim fixes the switch and after 3 hours, I finally make breakfast.

Things improved after that. Brekkie was good and so was the coffee. Later we went to see Casino Royale. Which is “OMG! THIS IS THE BEST BOND FILM EVER!!”

OK, so I’m enthusiastic. I’ve only been waiting ever since I knew there was such a thing for the remake–because both the previous official versions sucked. I was a little on the fence about a blond Bond, but Daniel Craig sold me totally. Not only is he the most athletic Bond I’ve seen, he’s the most convincingly lethal and he looks pretty damned good in nothing but skin–muscled like a person who really works for it, not just works out. The whole thing is well-balanced, convincingly gritty (for a Bond) and perfectly cast with unusually restrained and intelligent script and directing. And the best opening credits ever. I could have happily watched a whole film done by the credit animator. It’s not perfect–the opening song was a little inspid, the idyllic wandering scenes a little too long–but otherwise it was fabulous and it even seemed vaguely plausible–which is the first time in a long time for this franchise. And the casting of Mads Mikkelsen was perfect. He steps out of a Land Rover Defender at the beginning of the film and he was instantly Le Chiffre. I can only hope the franchise will now continue making some serious, hard core, hardassed films based on the Bond we saw tonight. Superb. Go see it.

And now, I have to get back to my Mexican rice with chicken and peppers. Mmmm… Let’s hope the water pump stays online through the weekend.


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