About last night….

Damn, that was a fun event. I’m in Luuuurve with Lilith Saintcrow–smart, funny, twisted, talented, gracious… and can that girl write! Damn!

Now, most of you know by now I’m an opinionated bitch and a demanding, obnoxious person about writing. I’m fully prepared to sneer at almost anyone (yeah, yeah… Pot/Kettle … what’s your point?) ’cause Sturgeon’s Law (OK, it’s more of a General Rule of Thumb) has been proved to me far too many times for me to expect that every author I meet in this genre is going to be all sparkly-sparkly in the 10%. But I am impressed and pleased. If you like Greywalker’s fantasy element and sass-talking, sword-weilding bad-ass women, you’ll love Lili’s heroine, Dante Valentine. And Lili’s so cool! (and did I mention she’s funny? And stacked?)

The audience was small, but good. The majority of them were there for Lilith, but most picked up my book, too (so nice of them!) A couple of my fav fans showed up–including Kirsten, who had a copy of the new cover pic for Poltergiest for me to sign–and I met three other Seattle fantasy writers: Richelle Mead, Cherie Priest, and Caitlin Kittredge. Afterward, Jim and I joined the lovely writers, plus escorts, mates, and Daune and Art from the U-Bookstore–excellent-cool SF-booksellers–at The Ram for late dinner and many drinks. An excellent time was had by all, though Richelle and Caitlin had to leave a little early due to having worked for a living earlier in the day. The rest of us hung out until the waitstaff got restless and a truly wonderful and debauched time was had by all. Hehehe.

Many thanks to Duane, Art, and Lili for making it such a terrific evening.


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