Sold out?

This is strange. Apparently Ingram, the major book distributor in the US, sold out of Greywalker last week. So, some of the big stores are having trouble getting more copies of the book. As a result, it’s easier to find a copy of my book in an independent bookstore than in a big chain store, right now. (Go, go independent bookstores!) It’s cool, because it means people are buying the book, but it may take some work to get it if the only shop near you is a big chain. I hope there won’t be any problem with getting books at Surrey, BC…. The Chapters manager there ordered quite a few for my signing on Saturday at the Surrey International Writers Conference and it would be frustrating if none showed up, since she put herself out to get them. (Of course, it’ll really suck if no one buys it.)

Meanwhile, still struggling with the revision on Book 2. I need to slip a little interaction with the vampires in earlier and I’m having some difficulty finding the right timing in the story as it now stands. Sometimes I wish I’d never let them into the story in the first place, but… they’re there and I have to wrangle them some how. It’s like herding cats sometimes, trying to get all the story pieces into the right place without a complete rewrite. I’m adding a few things, taking a few out, but they all still have to occupy the same amount of time in the Harperverse. Maybe I can claim that days are longer in her version of Seattle… No? Drat. Why can’t Harper be an insomniac? That would help, but Michael Gilbert already beat me to that idea ages ago in Smallbone Deceased. I’m not above cadging good ideas from the masters but I think pathological insomnia is not going to work for this one. Though I do have an unfortunate fascination with insomnia, amnesia and other overdone themes. Hmmm… (uh oh… don’t get started on that, Kat.)

Better get back to work, now.  Deadlines loom in the grim, intermediate future.


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