One hell of a weekend

Without even drinking!

Signing at Seattle Mystery Bookshop went well and, my agent will be happy to know, I went out and hunted up my book in a few other shops around downtown and signed those. I also got to see a lot of friends who popped up for the signings, including John and Misty and their frighteningly articulate children. Afterward we went to the home of some friends for a “Bizarre-B-Q” of exotic meat burgers. I never ate yak before…. It’s really good and the kangaroo was tasty. I didn’t care for the llama, though Jim thought it quite nice. Maybe it just needed more mustard.

I finally finished filling out my questionnaire for LCC, but I forgot tomorrow is a postal holiday, so it won’t be on its way until Tuesday. I never realized that Thanksgiving in Canada and Columbus Day in the US are the same, except we let our turkeys go free from their jobs while our neighbors to the north eat theirs. (I shall live to regret that, I’m sure….)

Tomorrow I start in on revisions. What fun….

Next weekend: the dim sum tour continues!


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