First bad review

Kind of funny–I knew it would have to happen, eventually, and it did: someone posted a luke-warm review on Amazon. Only 3 stars and the reader seemed to be put out by the complexity of the second half of the book and the main character’s reaction to what happens to her. Interesting. It wasn’t my favorite aspect of the character, or the book, either, I admit, but I don’t really like books where everything goes the protagonist’s way, where they have no real stake in the outcome, or where they bounce back from having the crap beaten out of them without a scratch. So, I didn’t do that. The reader and I differ on what makes or breaks a book for us. That’s OK. I know this book is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea: if we all liked the same thing, there’d be a lot fewer books in the shop. À chaque leur propre choix.

Meanwhile, anybody want to talk noir? (Talk noir-y to me, baby!)


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4 Responses to First bad review

  1. Sandy Carpenter says:

    First bad review! Phooey!!! I have hesitated to comment on Greywalker as some people might think that I am just a little prejudiced but I’m over that now. You did not mention that the same reviewer said that they were going to buy the next book!! That does not really qualify as a bad review in my little mind. Sure the reviewer disagrees with others but as you said, it is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. All I know is it is my cup of tea! Harper would have seemed pretty shallow if she had not suffered from all she went through.

  2. well… OK, first less-than-fabulous review. 😉

  3. Spoiled a little, are we?
    (Not that you don’t deserve to be!)
    Not exactly a review, but MZB once sent me a rejection that said “Though we are often paid by the word, it is best we not write that way.”
    Here’s hoping that this is the worst review you ever get!

  4. *laugh* Thanks, Michael. I have gotten worse ones since then. I expect I’ll have more. How swiftly can I thicken my skin…?

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