Good heavens! What a change from a week ago. The book launch was a rousing success, I finally found a copy of the Entertainment Weekly review, and Anne, my editor, sent me a copy of the cover for the next book–which is even better than the first one!

This has also been my week for alcohol. I received a couple of bottles of Irish whiskey (Knappogue Castle and Tyrconnell) as congratulations for the launch, so I’m probably not going to need to buy any for years (I’m assuming the Irish whiskey tasting article I posted in Kat Litter last year is the reason–and I’m not complaining, since I love the stuff, but can only sip or I fall on my face.) And I was able to buy Sean Chercover the often-promised tot of Woodford Reserve bourbon–which he pronounced a new favorite. I’m afraid I spent too much of Bouchercon sleeping because I stayed up every night carousing. Little did I suspect what an interesting storm awaited me afterward.

The EW review and the B&N newsletter review have done some really strange things to the book’s profile: this morning Greywalker was ranked #1 on the Barnes & Noble Contemporary Fantasy list. I’m reveling in it, since I’m pretty sure this won’t last.

I never expected to rise out of the midlist, truth to tell, and I may yet fall back into it if this all proves to be a mere blip, but it’s certainly heady, at the moment. Who’da thunk?

I have a ton of things to try to catch up to, including research for Book 3, paperwork, and the Shamus awards (Ted Fitzgerald suggested Greywalker would qualify for consideration, so I need to look into that.) Oh, yeah… and the little matter of a signing on Saturday, Oct. 7….

What shall happen next?


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4 Responses to Wheeee!

  1. It was such a joy seeing Greywalker in the book-flesh! And thanks for the bourbon. Sorry I slept-in on Sunday and missed you. You have to promise to sign my Greywalker the next time our paths cross.

    Congratulations on the success that is coming your way, Kat. Well-deserved.

  2. Awww… thanks, Sean. I was still around the hotel until Monday afternoon, but I was a bit… grumpy, so you didn’t miss much. (Glad you liked the bourbon–what was the name of the one you bought me? That was tasty, too!)

  3. It was Blantons (look for the roundish bottle with the jockey on top).

    But my real favorites are Old Rip Van Winkle and W.L. Weller, both of which come in a variety of ages (the 10yr 107proof RVW and 12yr Weller are my mainstays).

    And that Woodford reserve will likely become a regular. It was excellent.

  4. I shall go a’huntin’ then. Mmmm….

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