Books at Bouchercon

Oh yeah: There will be a limited number of copies of Greywalker available at Bouchercon, for those of you who may be going. No, I don’t know how many–you’d have to ask the folks at Booked for Murder–but they will be there (failing a trucking strike or something) and since the convention is before the official release date, any signed and dated book will be a pre-release first edition. (Nifty, eh?) Anyhow, I’m very pleased.

I’m still working on getting books for the signing table at Surrey but I think I’m close to that, too, thanks to some help from a lady named Lynn. Not pre-release, but they would be the only Canadian signing–at least that’s the only one I have on the schedule. I’m starting to get excited about this book thing…. Exhausted and stressed out, too, but maybe that’ll help me lose the stubborn 10 pounds that make me look like a cat in a sack if I’m foolish enough to wear a clingy shirt.


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  1. Michael says:

    Damn it, you’re distracting me.

    Would you try it with a Kat, would you try it in the sack!

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